Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Enough God

My friend, Janice, will be participating in the Crazy Love discussion group. After she purchased her book and read the intro and first chapter, the Lord led her to write a poem and I wanted to share it with you.


I go to church at least once a week,
The rest of my time I have much to seek.
I get my fill and am quite satisfied,
That’s enough God, my brain is fried.

I have my quiet time every now and then,
Between kids and work when I can fit it in.
That’s enough God for a day or two,
I’ll catch up if I make it to Sunday School.

I enjoy talking to God and spending time in prayer,
But deadlines and commitments keep me in despair.
Every day I think I will set aside time,
But tomorrow comes and time I can’t find.

When I get to church and they pass the plate,
Does God really care that my tithe is late?
After all, times are bad and money is tight,
That’s enough God, I reason, without much fight.

Life goes on and then troubles arise,
The first thing I do is raise my eyes to the skies.
Oh, God, I need You now more than ever,
Will you lend me an ear from Your throne up in heaven?

“You said you only needed a little bit of Me,
I have so much more to offer if you will only heed.”
Enough God, enough God, the thought makes my ears ring,
God is so awesome, there shouldn’t be such a thing.

Forgive me for settling for so little of You,
There’s nothing little about You and all that You do.
Help me to remember as I travel earth’s sod,
I should never think I have enough God.

Janice Smallwood
February 25, 2009


Alene said...

I love this! I want to NEVER have enough God - ever! Lord raise us up to be passionate for you.

Yolanda said...

This speaks volumes and is so encouraging that there are women who hunger. Lord, draw me near as I draw near to You.


Sharon said...

This poem is absolutely beautiful. It touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes because it rings so true! So true!

God Bless you, Janice. Thank you for sharing.


Channy said...

If I could write poetry, I would have written the same thing because I have these same thoughts so often. Thanks for sharing.