Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chapter 9/Week 9 of Crazy Love - "Who Really Lives That Way?"

In Chapter 9, Francis Chan gives us some examples of people who live out a 'crazy love' for Jesus Christ. He says, " Jesus commended the few who were faithful. Likewise, thre are a few in every generation who offer examples worth following. Will your name be among the few that follow?

QUESTION 1: Who do you look up to as a faithful believer in Jesus Christ? Who are your heroes of the faith? Why?

QUESTION 2: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? What do you want to be known for once you are gone from this earth?

CHALLENGE: There are at least 3 things that make up our earthly legacy: our faith, our character, and our holiness. Ponder on these things and examine the legacy you have built so far as compared to the legacy you desire to build. Ask Jesus to help you build the very best legacy for the generations that come behind.


Janice said...

Question 1: I look up to my parents as faithful believers. I have seen how they live out the faith they believe in. They have lifted us (their children) in prayer many times. My Daddy LOVES the Word and studies it many, many hours every week. He has taught Sunday School for as long as I can remember. He loves studying eschatology, and is an "expert" on the subject, in my opinion. I think anyone who hears him teach would agree. I have heard them pray over situations and have seen God answer those prayers many times! My parents are serving, giving, people, always ready to help out in any way possible with family OR anyone. I know they are faithful believers because I have seen how they are in public and in private.

My heroes of the faith: I guess my favorites are Noah, Abraham, and Moses. They were all faithful to God in being willing to obey Him and follow His commands (most of the time). None of them felt worthy to do what God was calling them to do, but they stepped out in faith and obeyed Him anyway. They all died in faith, never receiving the promises, but saw them far away. Even Gideon thought he was "the runt of the bunch," but God called Him and he obeyed. God will always equip us to do what He is calling us to do, won't He? And what about Mary, the mother of Jesus? A young virgin girl, engaged to be married to Joseph, chosen to give birth to the Savior of the world. What kind of faith did it take for her to say "yes" to what seemed like such a scandalous situation?

Question 2: The legacy I would like to leave behind is..."She was a devoted wife and mother. She was a praying woman who loved her Lord Jesus Christ with all her heart, mind, soul, and strength. She cared about others and always put others before herself. She had a servant heart. And boy, could she tickle those ivories! She loved going to church and studying the Bible with other women." Wow - wouldn't that be a nice obituary?! Or eulogy?!

I'm afraid some of it is true, and some of it is how I want it to be. And you know who can make it happen? ME!!!! With God's help, this could be my obituary.

That is how I want to be remembered when I exit this earth.


Leah said...

Question 1: My heroes of the faith: My grandmother Colwell. She was a godly woman, albeit a very strong, controlling woman...hmm, no question about where I got those traits, is there. She endured a lot but was always faithful to Jesus. Joyce H and Martha R - ladies in my church endured much struggle but always was faithful to Christ. Martha died leaving an amazing legacy and testimony for Christ. Beth Moore - although I don't know her personally, her hunger for the holy has been contagious to me and I desire to know and teach the Word because of it. She showed me that Jesus is just plain fun.

Question 2: I long for my legacy to be one that screams faithfulness to Christ. Even in the midst of persecution (which I anticipate in the coming years) I want to be faithful to the end. I want to know that there are people in heaven because of my faithfulness. I desire so much to exhibit a 'long obedience in the same direction'.


Channy said...

1. Our own Leah is one of my heroes of the faith. I have admired for many years now her devotion to Jesus. I most admire her desire to do God's will. When she gets a word from God she can be counted on to be faithful to act on it, not waiting for God to spoon feed her or find someone more worthy. Because of this, she is reaching people for Jesus. I am blessed to know some teens who are making real strides in living for Christ right out of the gate. I pray that they keep their fire and zeal stoked and don't get distracted by the empty promises of the world.
2. Making a stand for Christ in a world where that is unpopular. Raising children who aren't afraid to take the high road even when the low road looks more exciting, enticing or easy. Working faithfully in the role God gives me without copping out or giving up because it gets hard or tedious or isn't as glamorous as other's callings. I want to finish looking more like Jesus than when I started this race. I want to be teachable and moldable in the Master's hands.